Is It For Me?

With OnlyDispatch you can select among a wide spectrum of account options to be able to connect and post lists to be served. Permissions and privileges are subject to the account type. Select your account according to your needs and usage.


Find open space on a carrier’s truck across the country with ease. Contact the carrier for interstate auto transfer and have them move your car safely and on time wherever you want.


If you are in the import/export business and looking for an auto transfer service to ship your vehicles to ports anywhere in the country, find an authorized service provider today.


If you have a non-operational vehicle that is in a stationary position or requires repair, you may store it safely and conveniently, or move it for repair.


Get your vehicles rented. Move them to auction or rental arenas for faster operations.


Plan for your auto transport in advance to guarantee locking in the prices of your vehicles and convenient terms for your selling.

Corporate Relocation

For any relocation plans, avoid the hassle and be prepared for any busy schedules or emergencies. Move your cars/vehicles with ease and at your convenience.

Finance & Insurance

If you are an auto lender, get your repossessed and lease returned cars shipped anywhere across the country. You can also access any related information such as insurance agent contact details, insurance coverage and certificates.


Transport your vehicles to distributors and/or stores. Access almost every carrier in the US and get all the data you need to and move your shipments quickly and safely.


Make your selling much easier. OnlyDispatch facilitates the transportation procedure for you and your dealers. Let your dealers reach out for you easily and flexibly and make their purchase online.


Get any number of vehicles shipped anywhere you want whether it is a single car or even a truckload of vehicles. Find a carrier anywhere in the US and book open space on their trucks to transfer your vehicles faster and safely.


Dispatch online and avoid paperwork. Establish direct communication channels with your carrier partners via OnlyDispatch.


Find vehicle owners who need to move their vehicles interstate. Get in touch with businesses and individuals seeking your services by reaching out to your customers and partners in OnlyDispatch, one of the largest auto transfer online gathering.